All the ways to use anything Cucurbit

I saw this on a facebook group and love it. I’d change this poster title to include everything in the Cucurbitaceae family.

New to me were

  • (leaves) weaving and dye,
  • (skins) insect repellent, paper and spice,
  • (seeds) brandy among a few others.

Tell us the strange ways and specific instructions/recipes you find or hope to do with anything in this family!

Or a creative idea breeding for something you want that nobody is talking about (yet).


Three years ago I found myself with too many pumpkins. They weren’t tasty at all. So I juiced the squash and made this vinegar. It was really delicious and mildly squashy. Will make more this year for sure when doing squash tastings for seed saving.

Cook this: Butternut squash vinegar from The Noma Guide to Fermentation | National Post.


I could use some ideas regarding overripe cukes I just extracted seeds from. I peeled them before seed extraction. They’re in my fridge, waiting for me to get inspired. Ferment? Pickle? Something Korean? Chutney? Anyone?

Mmmm I’m very suspicious of the dye parts. I’m a hand spinner and really into textiles and making everything from scratch. Including natural dyes.
I’ve never seen anything from squash of any kind. That doesn’t make sense for anything I know about natural dyes.

Someone made squash and apples in a dessert just today at a covered dish lunch I was at. I didn’t know what it was so I didn’t take any. I’m thinking it was made kind of like thin slices, alternating squash and apple, with a apple filling type jelly-like stuff. Looked like it should have had a cobbler top or been in a pie crust.
I’ll have to find out what it was exactly next week, I just know squash and apples dessert. Could be something interesting that isn’t regular pumpkin pie.

I’ll have to revisit this tomorrow when I can copy out a recipe or two.

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