Canadian seed train

I would like to start a Canadian seed train. We can follow the rules of the EU seed exchange. I will send at least 20 to 30 types of seeds to the first person on the list until everyone has had a turn and then the last person send it to me. Please PM if you want to be on the list and I will post it on this thread. Looking forward to hearing from you!


So it looks like there are 3 of us. So I think we could each list what we have and what we are looking for to tailor a package for each of the other 2. Perhaps we could do that here.

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For myself, I would like some black eyed Susan about 20 or 30 seeds, any rudbeckia 10 or so seeds, sweet William about 10 to 20 seeds, any coreopsis 10 or so, delicata squash about 6 seeds, tomatillo 5 - 10 seeds, ground cherry 5 to 10 seeds

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I can offer Shasta daisy, mixed sunflower, mixed calendula, mixed Cosmos, mixed zinnia, mixed poppy, mixed marigold, mixed garden peas, mixed garden beans, mixed maxima squash, green zucchini, golden zucchini, spaghetti squash, blue Hubbard squash, mixed pumpkin, jaradale blue pumpkin, mixed tomatoes, butter cup squash, mixed sweet corn, gray ghost squash, leafy green lettuce that grows many big leaves

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My daughter probably has most of those flowers but I think they are not mixed much. I will find out when she gets home form work.

  1. I have a Moschata squash mix–one of my favorite projects. I think I have a lot of variety in it by now, but it’s just a big grex.
  2. I have a big mix of sweet corn varieties but I also have Asian sticky corn in it; and this may have been a mistake. There’s a sweet corn thread that suggests that milky and hard kernels might be from an incompatible hybrid ( a different type. I have some of those flinty and milky kernels this year. I kept most of them separate–I only saved seeds from the ones which didn’t show that influence-- but there may still be some of it in my seeds. So, make your decision with your own judgement. I have lots of blue, red, yellow and white varieties in my mix. I didn’t use any hybrids, just for the record. Our corn is not as sweet as the hybrids but has a good corn flavour. The cobs are quite large, but they are also selected to be the earlier maturing ones.
  3. I have a parsnip grex, mostly the shorter halblange type but also some longer ones. These seem to reseed well in our climate in Nova Scotia. So I hope we will always have some volunteer seedlings. We are trying to elect the cold hardy roots by leaving them in the ground all winter. In our climate parsnips will often survive the winter.
  4. Celery seed, a grex of bunching types and one or two of the leafy soup type together.
  5. Cucumber grex, not a huge variety in the mix, though. Mostly slicing type, Marketmore influence.
  6. Sweet peppers, not a big mix. Early peppers that do well in our cool maritime climate.
  7. Cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes. Let me know what general types/sizes/colors/flavours you’re looking for.
  8. Some flower seeds, have to verify which ones we have.

For sure I would request

  1. Moschata squash mix up to 12 seeds
  2. Parsnip any amount in a small packet (sounds great!)
  3. Cucumber any small amount
  4. Sweet peppers perhaps about 12
  5. Any tomatoes with sweet flavour
  6. Flowers, small packets, of sweet William, coreopsis any variety or color, and any rudbeckia (black eyed Susan)

We can PM for addresses.


I could offer
Sunflower, big mix that I pick for tall single headed plants there’s multiple colours
green snap peas
Pie pumpkins, small sweet orange
giant maximas ,from 60-80 pound pumkins
green bush beans, mixture
ground cherry, mostly from the aunt mollys variety they almost grow like weeds in my garden and come up on there own every year
cayenne pepper, red when fully ripe
cherry tomatoes red yellow or orange
giant crimson tomato, a rare heirloom
rhubarb seed collected from mine and any patched I found with seed they germinate pretty good
french sorrel
saskatoon berry, from the best tasting wild ones on my property
Flowers- foxglove, sweet william, marigolds and coneflower all have a few different colours and variety’s mixed together

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Could I request from your seeds a small packet of:

  1. Sunflower
  2. Pie pumpkins
  3. Giant maximas
  4. Green bush beans
  5. Ground cherries
  6. A few giant crimson tomato seeds
  7. French sorrel
  8. Saskatoon berry
  9. Sweet william
  10. Coneflower

Thank you!

yes for sure!
I will trade you for some of your
sweet corn-- sunflower --zinnia-- calendula–marigold–poppy–maxima squash- and the green zuccinis

I will try to figure out what I can mail it in sometime this weekend and let you know when I do. then get your address

Hey Marvin, I would like to try some of your moschata, sweet corn and celery if possible and maybe some flowers. I put a list of some of the seeds I have a lot of this year we could possibly trade if your interested

Hi Dawson, sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I hope to get onto this in the next few days.

I’m in Canada, but restarting from scratch this year. Happy to participate next year!

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We might be able to help with your re-start. Let me know if you need any of my seeds. I will get at it in a few days as we’re getting rain soon. Trying to make good use of the beautiful sunny days we’re having now.

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That’s very kind.

I would love some of your Moschata seeds. I already have ordered some from 5-6 sources and will grow a new grex on unimproved soil this season. Happy to collaborate on this down the road as well!

your seeds are on there way Nicole!

So are yours!

If you need any of my seeds too please let me know. I would be happy to send some.


Okay, we have the following flowers:
Zinnia, Sweet William, mixed asters, calendula, helipterum, mixed sunflowers (smaller flowered variety for cutting), hollyhock, cosmos. Some would be only a small packet. Let me know which of these you want.

Nicole, I would be happy to have some mixed Maxima squash seeds, blue Hubbard squash, Jarradale blue pumpkin, green zucchini, golden zucchini, buttercup squash, mixed sweet corn, and some of your big leafy lettuce. I hope to get your package together tomorrow.