Chaos gardening

Chaos Gardening

Funny reel that intersects heavily with what David the Good called “Machete Gardening” in the GTS podcast where he was a guest.

My wife sent me this with the text “This is you in our backyard” :innocent:


This just gets funnier every time you watch it.

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That’s me planting in the open areas of our back yard, but without the grace and style he shows…

I’m too cheap to use store-bought seeds, so I get them in bulk from Azure Standard. That way I don’t feel bad when only 1% germinates.

Love his videos.

Same. A number of years ago, I had a mix of sprouting/microgreens seeds that had gotten too old and had spotty germination. 50% might be ok for crops, but for a sprouting jar, not so much. So I just flung it willy-nilly across my back yard. We had some lovely radishes, mustards, clover, and alfalfa pop up that year! But I’m pretty sure the neighbor who was watching at the time thought I was insane…


I definitely subscribe to this technique but I kind of mask it so my husband can handle it. This is how I go about it: I throw any seeds anywhere and everywhere, then transplant my pre-germinated stuff ( tomatoes, peppers etc.) in absolutely straight neat rows right in side the chaos. This gives the whole thing a semblance of premeditated order. Nothing like a straight row of sunflowers or any of the perennials to make your garden look organized.


You just described how I wish I could grow food. I’m dependent on other people accepting my growing style, but this is what I would prefer 100%


I sent it to my hubs and told him I was in that video. His reply: “You certainly are.” :joy: Except I do that with specially bought seeds. I do also make soil blocks for other things so I don’t drive him too crazy. :sweat_smile:


What machete gardening film?
It sounds like people in this thread “just don’t care!”, how refreshing!
I try to please the neighbors, one day a lady came, she said i grow nothing but weeds, then a few days later her husband came , he said in permaculture you must mix everything up, you’re not doing it right…
There’s no pleasing people.


Machete gardening was something David and Joseph talked about here. Can’t remember the timing though