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This is really generous. But instead of a riddle, can I suggest another way people can earn your seeds!
Help with these one-pagers for each species. Just pick your favorite species. So fun. Don’t worry about formatting or copy editing.

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Ohh, would those wild onion bulbils be of the allium canadense variety by any chance? I would be wildly interested in a little sample of that.
Would also be curious to know if your pea seeds are shelling or sugar snaps?

I don’t know they are ready to be called “ice peas” and wouldn’t get too carried away with planting super early, at least not until a nice supply of seed is built up. I have a nice supply so will be planting some super early next year and also thinking of planting some here about the first of September, to see if the cold tolerance applies at end of season too.

My problem with peas is that it often gets hot and dry here much earlier than it used too but the last frost/freeze doesn’t come any later. So, the issue is really the same with lots of other crops. Plant early and risk freeze, or plant “normal” and be almost assured of hot dry before maturity. A lot of things deal with it OK but peas, potatoes and brassicas have really suffered production wise in my garden over the last ten to fifteen years. I’ve had some success with finding workarounds, especially with brassicas.

When I moved to the US in '99 I was struck with the drastic change in climate from what I was used to in Switzerland. (Let’s leave out for a moment that I had looked at the latitude on a globe, found my new location in PA to be on the line with Lisboa in Portugal, and was briefly convinced that there would not be much of any winter :rofl::joy::rofl:)
Notably the lack of fairly consistent temperatures and the lack of Spring. Since moving here I have lived in a pretty narrow geographic area, NJ and PA, from zones 7 to 6b. I had never before experienced 'winter ’ where it is 32 one day and 68 the next. Since I hadn’t been around too many gardeners (you know, people that actually specifically pay attention to these things like yourself), I was vaguely assured that the weather used to be different, but I could never be totally sure.
It’s very enlightening to hear such concrete accounts of shifting temps/weather patterns even if it isn’t making me happy about the state of affairs.