Disease resistant outdoor tomatoes

Dehybridised outdoor tomatoes are performing incredibly well. I want to share seeds with as many interested people as possible.


Hi Philippe. That’s great, can you tell me about those? I’ve grown Joseph Lofthouse’s Big Hill tomatoes. They’ve got an extended stigma which makes them easy pollinated for crossing. The idea being that they can freely cross, especially if they’re surrounded by tomato plants that have anthers which extend from the flowers.
The idea being that inbreeding dépression could be overcome which would through sélection by the breeder or natural sélection lead to varieties which are resistant against diseases.
I’ve saved two hundred seeds i believe and i’d like to share those with anyone who’s interested.

Hey Phillip great to see the work you are doing. Living in Ireland (North Tipperary)I’ve really started to think a lot about the fungal diseases we will experience with climate change here especially as this July was soooo wet and cool!
That’s why I was interested in seeing your bit about disease resistance in Tomatoes especially if they are Promiscuous.
Also the bit at the start of your piece about the woman who started a seed business in Ireland is proberbly Madeline from “Brown Envelope Seeds” down in Co Cork, a wonderful women growing great seeds in the Irish environment.
All the best…Kevin Dudley


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I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten a larger response. (Unless it is getting a larger unseen response from people who simply aren’t posting about their interest publicly…)

Perhaps because OP is in Europe. Great for me. It might stop many others in their tracks, though.