Going to Seed Bulbing Onion Mix - Jen's Grow Out

I planted a group of the GTS Bulbing Onion mix in a takeout container in the house to see how well they’d germinate. Old potting soil mixed with some soggy birch branch (for no other reason than to tear up a soggy little birch branch I had on hand).

Planted 2024-02-11
At least ~10-15 germinated 2024-02-28

Not a great image, but there are at least 15 of them all popping up at the same time.

I assume they all germinated yesterday because I didn’t check on my plants yesterday, of course, and noticed them all popped up this morning when I was making the rounds. They seem to be leaping out of the soil because at least a handful of them are over 1/4" tall.

I intend to seed more tonight in a seed flat tonight. Germination test proved successful. :grin:



I also just saw this reel on Instagram. Has anyone grown Anything like this before? This seems so simple like I might have to try this with some of my onions…

Is that the type foam used in padding packages that they used to roll it on?

It looks like it, yep. She also had another video using a plastic sandwich bag. Both of these are kinda reusing waste products, which aren’t ideal planting mediums, but are a good use of something that could otherwise end up nearly immediately as being put in a landfill.

Spent tonight trying out this new seed starting method with the GTS onions. I imagine it’ll look like an onion-filled jelly roll. :sweat_smile:


Hmmm interesting… I’m curious what other stuff could be used for the same effect. Thinking if I made some wool felt from junk wool it would work. The roots would go into the felt so there would be disturbance when unrolling. Not sure how much onions would or wouldn’t like that. But the felt could be reused until it’s deteriorating then composted. I had a pile of mulch and junk wool that took 4 years for the wool to disappear so it would last a while.


I imagine you’re right, the roots would grow into the wool. I’m not sure how easy they’d be to extract, but I’m curious to hear how it works for you!

This GTS pack has so many seeds in it. I had to do another couple onion rolls. :joy:

2024-03-22 Sprouts!

Getting good germination so far. Nobody’s getting heated, so they’re just coming up as the mood strikes them. They are getting a half-hearted grow light over them to help with low light conditions since it would otherwise be indirect light from the nearby window.


I just saw a reel the other day where a woman cut in tiny tufts of wool into her soil block soil to take the place of peat/coir. Seems like a cool idea if you do soil blocks. :slight_smile:

3-26-2024 Onion Growth continues. Getting good germination with them.

Gave these kids a haircut yesterday

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