Kadence's garden and landrace thread

This is going to be long :sweat_smile:
Everything I’m planning to grow this year. Subject to constant change until it’s actually planted lol.


Panamorous Direct Seeded- 19

Big Hill- 6
Exserted Orange (EFN)- 6
Exserted Orange F5 (WS)- 6
42 days (MIgardener)- 6
42 days (WS)- 6

Barry’s crazy cherry- 7
Hartmans yellow gooseberry- 7
Great white- 7
Big rainbow- 7
Black beauty- 7
Amethyst Cream- 7
Brad’s Atomic Grape- 7
Muddy Waters- 7
Exserted Tiger F4 (WS)- 7
Mission Mountain Rising (not dwarf)- 7
Spoon tomato (pimpinellifolium)- 1
Cache valley currant (pimpinellifolium)- 1
Neandermato (habrochaites)- 2, each with two plants to maximize for pollination

“The One” isolated- 10
Mission Mountain Rising (dwarf)- probably 4, depends on seed roulette how many are dwarf segregate.
…and more to be determined. Got an email back and I’ll get the dwarf tomato project seeds sometime in January. Excited to see what I get. I have room for up to 79 dwarf tomato plants.


In garden:
Start inside: Clancy outcrosses- may have male sterile

In field:
Experimental winter sow: Tetraploid, reds- 50% andean, 50% modern, long day and short day
Experimental winter sow: Tetraploid, wide mix- 60% andean, 40% modern, long day and short day
Experimental winter sow: Nathan’s mix- wide mix from 2015-2022, ~10% diploid in mix


31> Butternut rogosia violinia (mosch) 100 day
31> Lofthouse moschata (mosch) ? day
3> Black futsu (mosch) 105 day, saved seed, *remove male flowers
[Moschata, 65 total]

36> Jarrahdale (max) 100 day, 6-10#
? > Nanticoke (max) 110 day
28> Georgia candy roaster (max) 95 day, 10#
[Maxima, total]

20> Connecticut field pumpkin, 100 day
20> NE sugar pie pumpkin, 100 day
20> table queen Acorn, 80 day
[Pepo, 60 total]

17> Lemon squash, 55 day, pepo summer squash
[Separated, in garden not with squash field]


9> Janosik watermelon, 80 day, yellow, ~10#
8> Clay County yellow meat, 90 day, yellow, 10-35#??
9> Leelanau sweetglo, 80 day, orange, 8-13#??
9> Early moonbeam, 80 day, yellow, 3-8#

Hot peppers

10> Anaheim hot pepper, 80 day, gr/red
10> Big Jim hot pepper, green

Sweet peppers

10> Gregs Hungarian sw pepper
10> King of the north pepper, 68 day, ripen to red
6> Gr bell pepper, saved seed


Sweet grex.
Dorinny sw corn, 75 day
high carotene sweet, 75-85 day

Colored grex. 60-100 day. Painted mountain, Atomic orange, Abenaki roy flint, Harmony grain, Lofthouse flour.

Main corn grex. 60-100 day. Abenaki roy flint, Harmony grain, Lofthouse flour, high carotene flint. I will alternate rows of this with Re-pioneer dent (80-90 day).


American flag leeks, 150 day
Carentan leek, 100 day, 2" across
Bulgarian giant leek, 110 day, long and thin

Green Onion

Red welsh
He shi ko bunching


Yellow of parma onion, excellent keeper, long day
Red of Florence onion, tall and narrow, long day
Yellow sweet Spanish onion, very big, long day
Storage Onion wide cross mix f2


Koral carrot, 75 day
Chantenay red core, 75 day
Oxheart, 90 day, huge
Danvers 126 half long, 70 day
Little finger, 65 day
Short n sweet, 68 day
Over the rainbow mix
Lofthouse carrot, 70 day
Danvers half long (dollar store), 70 day
Rainbow mix, 70 day


May queen lettuce, 50 day, butter head
Crisp mint, 65 day, romaine head
Little gem, 50 day, romaine head
Tom thumb, 60 day, 3-4" cabbage-like heads
Merlot, 55 day, dark red, frilly leaf


Chocolate cherry Sunflower, 65-75 day, 6-7ft
Evening sun Sunflower, 95 day, 4-6" head (33)


Alaska & little marvel, 60 day
Blue bantam, 80 day

Permanent herbs/flowers bed

Marigold (dye)
Woad (dye)
Dyers coriopsis (dye)
Cosmos (dye)
Black eyed Susan’s (dye)
Yellow prairie coneflower (native flower)
Crimson clover (annual, testing self seed ability)
Hairy Vetch (annual, testing self seed ability)
Cache valley alfalfa (testing self seeding)


Tomatillo grex
Peanut Sherck composit (27)
Purple top turnip, 50 day
Radish Japanese Wasabi, 60 day, daikon type, green
Hedou tiny bok choy, ~40 day, bolt quickly
Red cabbage, 75 day
Dutch Siberian napus kale grex
White Cucumber, 60 day
L-O Muskmelon, 80-90 day
Lofthouse Cowpea, 70-90 day
Dry bean grex, 75-90 day, bush
Gr bean, 50 day (separated from dry beans)
Hulless oats
Evolution barley
Fiber flax (100 sq ft)
Kenaf (like hemp, fiber)
Arugula & mustard, saved seed. I grew them all together in a bed a few years ago and saved seed. Bought more arugula seed to add to it. Plant to separate out some of them into their own patch to be able to save mustard seed itself and arugula seed itself.

Fall planting

Evolution wheat
Red turkey wheat
Grain rye
Composit rye
Sepp Holzer rye
Austrian winter pea

Unrelated note… I accidentally found out you can make the section header box thing by starting the line of text with a > sign… just fyi


I didn’t think it needed to be it’s own post so adding it here. My seed organization currently.

This is all in a large peanut butter jar. It has things that need started inside. Or commonly get started inside. I’m going to play with started plants and direct seeding but this helps me sort it out.

This jar is all direct seeding after frost.

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This jar is all spring/fall stuff, can flirt with frosts and prefers cooler weather.


This jar is the herbs and flowers.

This jar is also after frost, direct planting stuff. The square jar leaves room for the bulky corn.

Close up of the Succotash beans. Not as pretty as the pic. Probably more colorful right when dry and threshing them. Seems to be how it goes with bean seed and color. And then what color they’ll end up when cooked.
I think they are so neat shaped. They are a climbing plant. I plan to keep them separated from the other beans and see how they do. Later I may attempt some hand crossing just to see.


The lights are up!!!
Last year I had rigged up a light hanging from a shelf. And a really rickety frame that was not very stable for a second light because I started the tomatoes too early and had huge plants taking over my whole bedroom.

I took apart the rickety frame and built this much nicer frame yesterday. I need to corner brace but it’s done other than that.

Here it is with 5 flats under it. These are the small starter size, 128 cell and the standard 1020 tray dimensions. Should be good for most things. The tomatoes and peppers will get planted up into the usual 72 cell trays. I haven’t planned it exactly but I think the earlier stuff will be getting planted out and make space for them to take up more space under the lights. And I can pick up solo cups to up pot again if absolutely necessary. Fingers crossed it won’t be though.

I’m cutting the cups I already had for plant labels. I can get 10 from each cup. I did a few larger at 8 per cup for some that may need more writing space. We’ll see.

Don’t mind the mess. I’m squeezing alot into a small room lol.


Cool light setup I also have limited room to start my plants and will have to stagger them and/or use part of my grow tent until I can plant some outside.

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4 of the 5 flats are planted! The last one will be all potatoes from true seed. I left them for last to get used to small seed handling with the rest first. TPS is sooo tinyyy.

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I love the way you have seperated the Spring planting from “After the Frost” planting

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I’ve got seedlings. Planted the TPS a bit thicker and had a few cells left that I put in a few each of coriopsis, woad, and alfalfa. Just cuz.

Alfalfa is sprouting. All the lettuces are sprouting but crisp mint was up first and looks to be 100% germination while little gem is the slowest. Kale. Red cabbage.

Today just coming up is golden acre cabbage, a few of the tomatillo and spinach.

Well… had some flops. Overall not too bad since most of these I’ve never done before.

He shi ko- zip. The rest of the seed I’ll direct plant.
Red welsh- good germination but way behind the rest of onions and leeks.
BLS Spinach- 10 of 22
GN Spinach- 5 of 20… 2 of which have round cotylidons like kale but bigger?? Heart shaped. Waiting to see true leaves. Rest of sprouts have long grass like cotylidon. This is new starter mix so not contaminated, and the seeds looked the same.
Not going to reseed any of these. I have some more doubles in the tomato cells that I’ll move to empties.

XL Red, 4 of 6. Reseeded.
MMR, 7 of 12. Luckily some are double seeded so have 11 sprouts can move seconds to the empties.
42 day (WS), 1 of 6. No more seed so just the one. Moved some other doubles over in the spots.
42 day (MIgardener), 3 of 6. Reseed 3 and seed 3 extra. 9 total.
Exserted Orange (WS), 2 of 6. No more seed, other doubles in the spots.
The One, 7 of 10. Reseeded.
Barry’s crazy cherry, zip. Reseeded.
Neandermato, 2 of 4. Reseeded.
Great white, 5 of 6. Moved other doubles in the spots.

Everything else not listed is looking like about 100% germination and growing fine so far.

Peppers started sprouting on Monday. Bunch of them now.

Last several days has been garden work. Exhausted. So glad I’m working on making the garden no till once I have the beds in. I couldn’t do this every year.

Though to be fair I’m working up a spot that was full of barn debris… Metal scrap… nails and bolts… glass and mirror bits… all the metal parts of a cow dairy stanchion intact… metal bars… cement block… broken pottery… pieces of farm equipment… a whole disc blade from off a discker… three square culvert sections filled with cement, that dad is pretty sure were the corner stones of the old grainary…
That’s just the highlights! Plus all the stones. And it’s clay loam soil with clay subsoil. So the tiller was jumping like it was a rodeo. Not to be a whiner, I just want to show what I’m starting with.

I had a huge rock at the narrower end. I was calling it pride rock, like lion king, because it was so big. And I was worried it was deeper than I had dug because I had given up digging around it to find out.
Well it is no more! It was about the size of a toddler bed and a rounded rectangle. Turned out to be about 10" thick. Had to get it with the bucket on the tractor, which long story short wasn’t available before now. It broke trying to get it up in the bucket. Ended up breaking it up more to throw manageable chunks into the bucket to take elsewhere. Luckily on a farm fill stones are always needed somewhere. The rest of the stone/cement block piles will get picked up later.

The rock is now gone. The garden is now tilled and ready for me to mark out beds and shovel the path width soil into the bed areas.

The rock has left a huge hole. Well, on the up slope side it’s about knee deep on me. The down slope side it’s maybe ankle deep. I didn’t do it but I’m pretty sure I could lay in the hole like a tub, it’s about 5ft-ish across.
There is a clear line where the topsoil is and then clay subsoil. To be clear, I have massaged out the rocks and fired simple pottery stuff from this subsoil. It is mostly clay. Orange-y to grey clay. Any hole deeper than the topsoil will hold water for a while.

So my idea for it is to make it into a little garden mini pond. I need to actually measure it. I can dig it deeper and that clay can be used to layer the whole thing and gley it to seal it. Even if I don’t do it totally right, it will absolutely collect and hold water temporarily enough to be a mini wetland. If I can make it deep enough and sealed then I’d love to put minnows in it.

On the down slope side I can bank it up to even the up slope side. On the bank I can plant willow. Funny enough I had just cut a low willow whip a few days ago and cut it into lengths to root inside. I’ll have to get some more. I plan to grow the willow and then pollard it for tree fodder. And I did a little planted tank for a while so I am already familiar with aquatic plants I can add to it.

Is this another project?
Did I say no more projects?
Am I doing this anyways?
…also yes

Break ground. The first day we tilled long ways. Last year the whole area dad hit with a two bottom plow on the tractor. Then it took me two weeks pulling rocks and blocks and everything out of it. See previous post for the highlights list. Then he went over it on the tractor again with a drag blade to flatten out the huge furrows.
By then it was June. In the second pic you can see the right side edge has a line of wood chips. That’s where I planted the tomatoes. About three feet to the left is where we tilled some. We learned that one tire had a slow leak. As soon as it got low much it was impossible to use and only spun in a circle really.
I decided to heck with it and just started planting. I had started the squash just like 2wks inside and they hated the move. Many died. At a certain point I gave up and pulled the sad stunted plants that were not going to produce anything.
This end of the garden is the wider end. This part had gotten planted in my cover crop mix at the same time as the squash. The cover crop was planted way too late for the spring mix that it is. But when I chopped it down in early fall I was surprised to find some of the oats still growing along among the weedy jungle.

Reminiscent of pride rock

He budged! He budged! Today’s the day!!! (Too much referencing? Lol)

Aww he broked it… He just couldn’t get it to cooperate at all to get it in the bucket whole and ended up breaking up.

Partly hauled off

The hole is bigger than that. After breaking up that big chunk with a sledge hammer. Actually dad broke the handle off the first one on like the fifth swing and then broke it up with a small hand sledge. Then cleaned up as much of the small gravely rocks as I could from it. The bottom layer of the rock had been very light sandstone that sheered off when it was lifted. Almost pumice like. Funny the top layer of it was the hardest and most dense.

Where we stopped at yesterday…

Wide end

Wide end toward the narrow (rock hole) end. Narrow end is east and wide end is west. Dad working on (mostly staring at or cussing at) where his little greenhouse will go. I’m worried about it blowing away/down but he’s in amateur engineer mode and apparently I’m just a peon on this one. We shall see.

From the narrow end

Today we finished clearing the rock. Here is dad tilling the first passes on the lower slope from the rock hole. The tractor had rutted it up when he was lifting the rock.

This end I had planned to have the above/below/around the rock as the permanent herbs and flowers bed. That may change a bit and be just the below part. I have to measure what the actual tilled space ended up being. Dunno, I’ll figure it out.

I was so tired and sore that’s the only pic I took. We had tilled length wise Monday. Tuesday we did more than half of it width wise. Then finished up width wise today plus the small part around the rock once it was cleared.