My 2023 Maxima and Moschata results - zone 10B

Year one (2023)
(no GTS seeds)

  1. Candy Roaster - North Georgia
  2. Candy Roaster - Gete Okosomin (Kentucky)
  3. Candy Roaster - (round ribbed one from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange)
  4. Jarrahdale Pumpkin
  5. Lakota
  6. Royal Long
  7. Sibley
  8. Sweet Fall
  9. Desert Spirit (Sylvan)
  10. Desert Spirit (EFN)
  11. Iran Squash
  12. Lofthouse Buttercup
  13. Nanitoke
  14. Flat White Boer
  15. and
  16. Tesukabuto

    There are a few more not yet ripe, including one that looks like it may be Iran squash. And two that have more pumpkin looks. I only see one that looks like it is a Tesukabuto.

I planted various C. mixta in the row.
Does this look like a maxima or a mixta?

The row was approximately 4 feet by 20 feet, shared with moschata ( about 1/3 amount of maxima) and corn at the end of the row. To achieve better chance of crosses I planted close. Perhaps too close and too many. I have to irrigate. I used drip lines with holes every 12 inches. I planted 4 seeds per hole like this:
------------ : o : -------
In the past I only grew 3 to five squash due space.
Next year I plan to plant from this years crop with seed from established grex/landrace seed. Also am going to plant larger ratio of the Tesukabuto in both the maxima and moschatas. Not many pest issues. As I was picking I did see one of the striped beetles. Earlier on one plant had yellowing in the leaves. I looked it up. Did not seem like a nutritional deficiency or too much of something. Possibly mosaic virus? As the plants grew it went away.
I am pleased with my results and I think I’ve learned some.


Beautiful looking pile of squash you have there.

The orange one looks like a Maxima to me. I tasted one that looked exactly like it, a boston marrow, and it was stringy and watery. Maybe it was my climate. I thought it might be an effect of selecting heirlooms for big size and ruining the flavor over time. Let us know how they taste!

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I only tasted the orange crooked neck.
Raw it seemed like it might be past peak ripeness. I just put it in a stew. It had a black spot on it and it might of been over ripe.

I am going to wait the 6 to 8 weeks for sugar flavor development.

Something else I learned about ripeness. I was paying attention to how the stems looked, but I saw some of the squash rotted. I reviewed the squash seed saving video in the gts landrace course. Very useful this time of year to go back and look at the seed saving for what I am harvesting now.

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I think it looks like a maxima based on how the stem attaches to the fruit and the color. This is the smart guide I always refer back to

Thank you Simone and Julia. I think it is Maxima. The photo on the link from Julia has one with a similar neck.
I had remembered the guide said “No necked squash” for maxima. All the photos of orange mixta were striped.
I will look closer at the stems of what is left in the row.
Thank you


I do not plan on keeping seed from the baseball sized ones. I also had some small crooked necked ones, but they ended up having rotten spots after 2 weeks.

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Are these Tetsukabuto? They have stems like Moschata.