Unsuccessful 2023 Crops

Just wanted to say thanks for a great 2023.

My kale is still growing, but has not bolted. There will likely not be seed from this years crop.

I haven’t identified any fruits from the potatoes I grew from seed this year, so I won’t have any of those to return.

Most of my spinach did not survive to give seed, and then while cleaning it I flipped the container into the ground. They fell into a floor mat that was quite dirty, so that seed is gone.

I likely will have some sweet pepper seeds, but they are just starting to ripen and I will likely need to pull the plants to allow the to ripen as much as possible inside. Jury is still out on these. It looks like the banana types are the fastest to mature. With out an idea of the types it’s hard to know what color they should ripen to.

I did have successes with the Fava beans and Grain Corn, so I will be working on getting these to the post office this month.


If the kale plants were planted this year you need to wait for the plants to overwinter and the seeds get produced in year two–which is how many years that are needed to complete the life-cycle of the plant.

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I managed to trigger some kale I really wanted to have seeds from into flowering in their first year. I sowed very early (2 months earlier than I used to) and put out young plants to be shocked by my Spring temps (my climate is extreme). Out in the -5 C (daytime) and brought them in for the night. Add to that that our Spring was the worst ever; cold and looooong and coooold. So they got their fair dose of stimuli and flowered beautifully around July. I got a huge seed crop. It was a population of mixed Red Russian types and especially Bare Necessities, but other napus I had as well. The same population I sowed two months later didn’t bolt (as expected).

One must be careful with that, though because it’s easy to select for early bolting types by sowing seed that came from “early bolting” plants. In this case I’m not worried about such as I went to extreme lengths to shock the plants into flowering so I know why they did that. It was planned exactly that way…

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