Updated community guidelines!

Hi Friends,
This is a really new community and I’m really excited about every single post and person here!
There is a small group of people working behind the scenes to make sure we have guidelines in place so that it stays a fun place for everybody.

We have made some custom guidelines that may have been added after you joined, and you didn’t see them. Or they weren’t posted in an obvious place. You need to read them! They were written added for actual reasons, by actual people in this community (I promise my AI bot did not write them). It will take about a minute, and include information that you might not expect.

Correction: Discourse wrote some of the guidelines in the second half of the page, but they’re still useful.

Read the Guidelines Here


Thank you for the reminder of “reply as a linked topic”!

I see nothing about how to “reply as a linked topic” either here or in the discourse guide. I also don’t see that as an option on the posts.

I just learned something new and haven’t used it: Click Reply, then when the reply box is open, click on the arrow in the upper left corner, ‘reply as linked topic’ comes up.

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Ok. Thanks.