2024 Seed Swap has started!


Looks like I’ll be unlikely to be able to participate this year because my seeds won’t be ready or dried down by November 1st (except things like poppies, which aren’t on the lists). I do most of my seed collection at the end of the year, after I’ve had time to observe and rogue, and we won’t even have frost by November 1st. I guess I’ll do my own distribution for anything people are interested in later.


Seeds that don’t fit into the individual categories can be included either in the pollinator/herbs category, or into the Fukuoka Grab Bag.

For things that take a long time to harvest, cure, and dry, like squash seeds, we will accept seeds grown in 2022. (For species who’s seeds have a long shelf-life.)


As the moschata and maxima squash steward, I will gladly accept seeds from 2020 and later. If I receive the seeds by Nov 15th or so, that’ll work for me.

Please check with the other stewards if you need more time to send in your other seeds. Thanks!


When will people be able to order seed for the 2024 Seed Swap? I’m considering asking for a variety of seed and then bringing them to Europe to distribute among members here. If any of you have special seed you didn’t include in the swap that you think could be useful to bring on the transatlantic seed exchange, let me know in a PM.


I was thinking about the same proposal. It would be great if we could do that, get some seeds from USA to EU. I have no idea how to implement it and if any certificates are needed, but let me know if you will need any support with this initiative in EU.

I have no idea how that could be done, but it’s an interesting question!

Phytosanitary certificates would be required. The guidelines are quite complex and I was unable to find information on small lots of seed. The guidelines appear to be aimed at large scale crop importers, requiring soil analysis and crop monitoring.

There was a suggestion that rules change for materials needed for research and crop breeding, but I wasn’t able to find details.

If someone in the EU could get the cooperation of someone in a University Agricultural department that might at least aim us in the proper direction.

Maybe see if we can work through the seed banks?


2024 Seed Collection is up but the page says “No products found” for me. @anna

Hi Malte, I suspect you aren’t seeing products because you’re in the EU, and we can’t ship to you. It doesn’t make sense that you can’t at least see the catalog, so I’ll look into it!

Are you able to see the 2023 collection?

I can’t see the 2023 seed collection either no. Yes, would be nice to see it without having to use a VPN :slight_smile:

Same for me… so yes should be a EU- or a out-of-the-US-thing

I just placed my order. I’m so excited!