Appalachian Seed Swap and Whitesburg Seed Swap - April 1-2 in East Kentucky

I’m part of a community of small farms and producers, and there are two days of seed swapping coming up.

These are annual events. The first and larger will be April 1 in Pikeville, Kentucky. If anyone else is in the region and plans to attend, let me know in advance if you would like to meet up so I can be sure to be around.

Information is distributed via this Facebook group: Redirecting...

The day afterward, we have a smaller, more local seed swap in Whitesburg, Kentucky. You could say that I help host that event, but my coworkers do all the work. There is also a facebook group but you can feel free to ask me for specifics: Grow Appalachia-Cowan Community Center | Facebook

This year I am going to be looking for seeds from more strains of the “Candy Roaster”, a regional Cucurbita maxima landrace that I will start growing in 2023. Also there are some growers of white Jonathan pumpkins, Cucurbita argyrosperma, that I am hoping will be around to share seeds. Otherwise I am keeping an eye out for regionally adapted sweet peppers, ground cherries, and tomatillos.