Crossing with no style? And shortened style method

I just saw @Joseph_Lofthouse mentioned on another forum:

It might be possible to break off the style, and apply pollen directly to the wound, which would greatly minimize the distance that the pollen would need to grow to find it’s mate.

I actually tried that on some already, weeks ago, I don’t know if those crosses worked or not, but I only did it on a few as an experiment (and due to accidental style loss) thinking the likelihood may be low that it could work. But now I’m more inspired seeing the above. And, I’m finding crossing with pimpinelifolium as mother quite hard, sometimes it’s ok but sometimes the style breaks off, sadly. I kind of settled on not pulling out all the male stuff and just shortening it all to keep it clear of the stigma. I guess people don’t do that in case pollen leaks out when it matures? But seems better than breaking off the styles…

But… has anyone here got experience with removing the style entirely and stuffing pollen in the hole? How was the success rate relative to using intact styles?

And while I’m asking, I may as well also ask, has anyone here used the method of cutting the style shorter (but not removing), and applying pollen to the freshly cut end? And/or applying oil to that cut end to help the donor pollen stick on? I’ve been trying these methods. I guess I won’t know until I get fruits (if I do) and plant the seeds, whether that has been working or not… this method I’ve been using for crosses that are supposed to not be possible, to give the pollen a better chance. But then if the style removal method works, that could be even better, way less distance for the pollen to travel!