Video on pollinating brassicas

I did a quick search here on crossing brassicas and couldn’t see anything, so searched YouTube. I found this video so am sharing it in case it’s useful for others:

Here’s part 2:

And part 3:

Also, I wonder 2 things about this.

  1. I wonder if it’s necessary to cut off all the other branches and flowers? I heard this advice for tomatoes too, but I didn’t remove even a single flower from all the plants I crossed with, since I wanted to use as many for crossing as possible and also wanted to eat the others, or save their non-crossed seed. I had no apparent problems with that. I sometimes did several different crosses on a single bunch of flowers. Though I don’t have the adult crosses grown out yet to prove it all went ok yet.
  2. I wonder if instead of a huge specialist plastic bag, we could just get some muslin and make a small bag around the flower bunch we cross?

I like the idea of not using plastic where we can avoid it, and also allowing the plant to spend its energy naturally and give us plenty of crossed and non-crossed seeds from the same plant. Though if people have bad experiences with that, I would appreciate hearing about it.


I use small gauze drawstring bags. Yarn and waste fabric scraps.


Is the bagging more to prevent any further pollination or to protect the seed head from damage?

Prevent bees from getting to it. If I’m doing a specific cross I don’t want additional pollen to mess things up.