Drought tolerant tomato project

These tomato seedlings were planted two weeks ago and haven’t been watered since. I watered them a tiny bit this morning, even though they haven’t started wilting yet.

They’re leggy because of low light.

The brassicas are struggling more. I’ve watered them twice.


Yep, too much rain, not enough rain, too cloudy for too long, to sunny and hot for too long. We get it all and often alternating in the same year. No way in my estimation, that anything can adapt to that.

Something I’ve been focusing on for several years is fast maturity with the goal of getting a harvest between extremes and being able to start over if an early planting gets wiped out. Some frost tolerance is nice too, so as to allow for earlier planting or delayed harvests.

I’ve been told longer maturing of any specific crop yields better, but it requires a longer period without any of the mentioned extremes. I’d rather increase the chances of an actual harvest than hope for a bigger one.


Especially since you can use relay cropping of short-maturity plants in order to get a comparably high yield, if you want one. And you may even be able to sneak an extra generation in there, to get local adaptation going more quickly.