EU: Commercial interspecific hybrids to share (maxima x moschata)

I decided to buy all preexisting hybrids I could.
So I will have:

  • Tetsukabuto
  • Maukai
  • Iron CUp
  • Shiatsu
    That is all that (I believe) is available in Europe.

Two relevant pages:

  • great resource about Tetsukabuto here: (presentation starts at 4’15", ends at 29’)
    That is this video which gave me a start with the idea of trying things. I would love others watch it: the content is extraodinary. And so you will get that Tetsu has many many many qualities: taste, extra long term storage, post harvest ripening, high yield, carotene, etc.

I am curious about these, want to try, want to cross, etc. but I will not need all of these seeds so I can share a few: I will have 50 seeds of each, and20 Iron Cap.
So please ask me for a few if you want try or start crossing species, or whatever. can send you some of these


You always tempting me. If you do not have any more suitors I gladly try some of those hybrids. They are in my to do list for sure.

great. I will send you some with the teparies by the end of the week. Cathy asked for some too.


Iron cup





They look nearly the same.

It is kind of fun understanding by looking at the seeds, that with these, the mother plants ARE maximas, not moschatas…

I forgot that in the industry these crosses had been first developped as rootstocks for grafting… a way to say they are vigorous and resistant to many diseases!!!


Extra vigorous because inter-species?

Also no maxima hard orange shell.

It would be interesting to find hybrids with mochata mother plants.

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I don’t know if it is because they are inter-species. But what what is sure is that they have been selected for the being strong. Resistant to many things. And high yielding.


If I remember correctly, these hybrids cannot act as pollen donors (male sterile). So either you put maximas and/or moschata nearby, or you do directed hand-pollination yourself.
I wonder what I will do…

“Bobby Seeds package of Iron Cup. This interspecific hybrid is self-sterile. Either a neighboring variety of C. maxima or moschata is required for pollination.”

Those hybrids(Tetsukabuto, Maukai, Iron cup, Shiatsu) should cross with themselves? Or they are self incompatible because hybrids? They should not have male sterility.

I wonder if is there any advantage to crossing those “interspecies with other interspecies” compared to “interspecies with other mochatas/maximas” plants?

Better cross with some mochata/maxima grexes?

I was planning to put a line of mochatas and maximas of on each side.

I don’t even konw why I plant these… :laughing:
(joking: actually it is the Tetsukabuto video with Alex Stone that inspired me to try something)

No, I believe most of interspecific are male sterile. A quick research could confirm that. Or not. Maybe we should ask more advanced people in that topic or go back reading other threads.

The male flowers on Tetsukabuto shrivel up and die before releasing pollen.

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