Jarrahdale (C. maxima) and cushaw (C. argyrosperma) seeds available

We recently received C. maxima Jarrahdale seeds from community member @BohemianHerbology. Photos and description can be found here. These are most likely not interspecies hybrids, but are beautiful and resilient all the same.

We also still have orange Cushaw seeds available.

If you would like to grow any of these during the 2024 season, please pm me your mailing address and the specific seeds you would like. Thanks!


Did I know what I was talking about? Absolutely not. Totally in over my head! That to me just amplifies the ways that…

Yes! Landrace gardening is the way back to self sufficiency for the home gardener. I didn’t know what I was doing but my garden and the pollinators did!

Thank you for continuing to take the time to help and continue to teach. I had another very patient community member who helped me further understand. I wanted to share this explanation that was offered to me incase there were others who might be confused on the differences between open pollinated varieties vs interspecies.

Still learning and growing. Grateful for this program and it’s teachings. So much gratitude for all the kindness shown here!