Neat weather resource

Hey, CoCoRaHS has just released a new tool you might find useful – the Data Explorer, or DEX:

If you’re a station-keeping volunteer, you already know about it, so I’m assuming you aren’t. The way I’m imagining you use this is that you go to that link above, then click on the map to bring up the map-explorer and use it to find a station as close to you as you can. When you click on the station you’re interested in, a box pops up with some info, but more importantly, in the lower right, there’s a link back to DEX with that station’s data. I think this one is the one closest to Joseph’s place:

Then you can poke around at the various views and see what the rainfall has been like. If the station has been recording long enough, you can see multi-year trends.

And you can order a gauge and sign up as a volunteer, too, enriching the tapestry of data for yourself and everyone! I’m

(Sharing here inspired by a post at Permies:


Very neat! I’m going to have to play with this later!

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For folks who really want to get into the weeds on the data, there’s also

Caution: the user interface there is much, much less friendly. Unless you truly want the granular data, the DEX link above is probably a better bet.