Post about weird plants you have extra seeds for here!

Are you growing an unusual species that most gardeners don’t grow? Do you have more seeds of it than you need?

Post about it here!


What is weird? I have seeds for lots of plants, but I can’t say I have “extra” seeds for any of them. More than I personally need, yes. But there’s no such thing as too many seeds! :upside_down_face:

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Ha ha ha! Well, let’s say “seeds to spare.” Things you have more than you need of, and would be happy to share some of. :wink:

I personally think it is possible to have too many seeds, but that’s not really a problem, because the solutions are wonderful opportunities we all want to have sometimes: 1) stress testing a bunch, 2) sharing a bunch, and/or 3) if they’re edible, eating a bunch. All great things!

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Unusual stuff i grow, which works great and self seeds

Aztek Brocoli, a chénopode with extra soft flowers concentrated at the top flowering in july when brocolis stopped hère.
Three colored Amaranth selected for easy seperating big hull-less seeds.
Land cress, like watercress but land version.
Claytonia, miners lettuce.
Herba estrella, like plantain but civilized.
Following doesn’t self seed.
Clary sage, inula, monarda bergamote, Alexanders, cardoon, luffa, spring onions and hyssops
I’ve saved lots of thèse only to be surprised most gardeners couldn’t care less.
If they don’t know it, they don’t grow it.
Only the “approved” plants everybody else grows are good when kept pure, needless to say.


My problem is that I haven’t kept seeds for sharing, just what I thought I would personally use. Primarily because no one was interested.

And yes, it is possible to have too many seeds. When you can’t navigate your house because of the boxes of seeds (but I need them! And I know where everything is!) it might be time to slow down.


Yes, exactly! :upside_down_face: That’s when it’s long past time to start stress-testing, sharing, and/or eating some of those seeds.

I kept only the seeds I thought I would need last year. I wound up regretting that, because I could have saved five times as many and shared the excess! When the seed packets for this community came along, I kept thinking, “Oh, my gosh, I could have had way more seeds to contribute!”

So I started saving every last seed from my spaghetti zucchinis.

Then, a few weeks ago, I decided that I’d gone overboard. I didn’t need 3,000 seeds from squashes that were tasty but not the cream of the crop. I had about 1,000 seeds from the cream of the crop set aside for sharing, and about 500 saved for myself. So I roasted the ones from the good-but-not-great squashes and ate them.

If that turns out to have been a premature judgment, I still have about 40 more spaghetti zucchinis sitting on shelves to eat, so I can always save seeds from them. Most of them are two feet long and contain several hundred seeds. I’ve got plenty of seeds sitting in those alone. I’ll definitely be saving seeds from anything else that is especially tasty, but I might as well eat the ones that no one will ever get around to growing.


I’m sprouting some to give my chickens a treat.


Black Hullless Barley . Original seed stock from Bakers Creek planted early Spring 22 harvested June of same year. I have planted some in the Fall and it’s growing well. Also planted some this Spring out of curiosity. Doing good too but Fall planting is definitely further along. I have tons growing and I still have this whole jar from last seasons harvest if anybody would dig any? Pic is from last season to show it in the garden.


Completely missed this thread till now. :disappointed: I’d be interested in black hull-less barley, for a start. Also, should we include wild seeds? I’ve got lots of dock growing around here, for example (red and curly varieties) and I could give that stuff out by the jarful if anyone wanted it. And there’s cutleaf evening primrose, a local wild vetch, and our sheep’s sorrel is starting to seed like crazy. Also, the previous tenants of our house grew luffa squashes, I’ve got loads of that. But if by ‘weird’ you mean ‘stuff you’ve grown yourself in an unconventional way’, I got nuthin’. Yet.

Ooh, luffa! Seeds of that would be interesting!

I think “weird” means anything that seems like it qualifies to you.

Well, I could sling that in the seed train when it comes back my way, or I could send some on to you first so that they enter the distribution earlier. Up to you! There were loads of luffa squashes left hanging on a trellis before we moved in, and we’ve got some volunteers sprouting in untended ground. I’ll also keep an eye on our redbud tree for seed pods. I got to taste a few fresh flowers, but alas! our kitchen was not set up to make anything out of a proper harvest. Some of my family said they tasted of nothing, but I found them sweet and tasting delicately of peas.

If you’re cool with sending them to me, I’ll include them as soon as the box comes my way! I’d prefer that because then I could plant some this year, and see if I like them. I’m curious about them. :wink:

Nice, so when you moved in, there were not only luffas you could harvest seeds from, but also (presumably) very nice trellises that you could use for other things later? That’s awesome! I inherited some tomato cages with my back yard (I think there were nine of them), which was a pretty neat bonus. I’m using them right now for the peas, which love them.

I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the chicken wire I also inherited. It was wrapped around all the garden beds, and I didn’t want it there, since it kept hooking on my clothing and making it impossible to get in sow seeds or weed. Right now, it’s in a roll at the side of the house, where it hooks onto my clothing and tears it whenever I pass it. I’m loath to throw it away, since it may be useful for something someday. Any ideas? :wink:

Send it to me? :stuck_out_tongue: I jest, I jest. But I’m looking at the possibility of keeping small livestock soon (rabbits, ducks, chickens), and chicken wire is hard for little critters to escape from. I wouldn’t call the trellis especially nice, but sufficient to bear the squashes… with a little bending… I also inherited some tomato cages, but I can’t figure out what to use them for. They are not well designed, and I can’t see myself successfully harvesting from anything interwoven with such flimsy things. More likely the tomatoes I miss would end up rotting. I would dearly love someone with experience to give me a trellis tutorial. But I’d settle for a good YouTube video.

Back to the point of the thread, could you PM me your address? And would you care for any of the wild species I mentioned?

I would gladly give you the chicken wire if you came in person and got it! :wink: I suspect Arkansas to Utah is a bit too far to drive just to get some free chicken wire, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would the flimsy tomato cages work for peas?

The wild seeds all sound neat! If you send them to me, I’ll include them in the box, too. :smiley: I’ll PM you my address!

I will be harvesting my ramp seeds in August (Allium tricoccum) They will grow under deciduous trees in leaf litter zones 3-9.

Also Good king Henry