Show me the mess you've made!

I know what you’ve done. You’ve done it again haven’t you? :wink:

Don’t hide in fear, it’s part of our disease. It comes paquet and parcel with the obsessive disorder of seedsaving.



Well, you asked for it. :upside_down_face:


Ha i know it! It’s like balm to my seedsavers heart! You’ll havea bountiful harvest next season!

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I have probably two dozen types of seeds in there, from cherry (on the dehydrator trays) to poppies. Some of the seed squash and a bunch of packaged seeds are on the other side.


I had the pleasure of visiting Agnes’ house today.
Holy Shark Fin Melons!
Beautiful to see these squash all over the living room floor, including the Lofthouse moschata.


Muhahaaaa. Yes she got thé bug for sûre. Hahahaha
Bless her and her beautiful fruits


It only got worse! Table…

Rack hanging from roof full of drying goodness.


Not so much a mess as it is a complete takeover of most tables and surfaces in the house :sweat_smile:


Naomi you’re cheating! That’s art not mess.:wink:
Even the fruitflies on my table seem to diversify. I’m not kidding!


It’s autumn. Moving into woodstove mode.
Good job i’m single!


That’s only a bit of it!


Just starting to collect radish, kale and arugala seed. Its gonna be all mixed up this year. The dill is just putting on flowers.

I lack space for serious drying. Building another small space soon. This is madness mad mess!


OMG, Love it! Ive used cheap plastic baby pools under dryed bundles like that… or I end up procrastinating and loosing seed. I see Brassica and what else?

The lettuces finaly bolted, just waiting for them to flower and dry out. Oak leaf type and hoping I can get them before a wind takes them away.

For me blowing away never has been a problem so far. They hold on tight, Having said that i don’t know your variant nor winds…
A babypool is a good idea, But i got old roofing sheats for free and a farmer friend who uses tons of plastic to fement his grass.
Well spotted Brassicas mostly and claytonia and lambs quarters and cilantro.
The claytonia can just rot away in place the seeds be fine the lambs quarters i need to turn a bit more often to not lose seeds.

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…just started with heirloom varieties and most do well during seed collection without shattering. However, its so very dry here, and the seed pods dry to a super crispy condition. Glad upcycling of material’s is available and works for seed collection. I’m curious to know about the leaf size on your lambs quarters. We have it here in AZ but to me the leaves are smaller and several plants would need to be stripped to get a meal. Do you eat them? If so, how do you prepare them into a meal?

Ah yeah if they’re that dry they shatter. I see. Hère i need to have them drying for a month to get to that stage. Love to collect them then. But a bit of a bummer if they all fall in one place.

This one lambsquarter was of a big variety. Valeriana.
Yes i use the small ones in salads, they’re tiny but différent in structure. I use it asa ground cover and take the good looking ones.

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Yes, makes sense to choose large leaf variety. So far I’ve only eaten the wild type, and I sure dont know much about them…lol. The smal leaves are still tasty.