Private threads only forum members can read

Is this possible to do? A quick search on Discourse forums didn’t give me any clear answers.

An alternative is creating a group similar to our European seed swapping group and then posting the thread for those group members, but then all members of the forum can’t read it by default.

I want to do this so forum members have the option to discuss and talk in a way that lies between complete public (as thread are by default) and complete private (as private group messages are by default).

ping @Richard

Sorry I responded to the other thread.

A group only members logged to discourse can see? Probably a tag like the eu serendipity but by default of all the members?

Probably with some configurations it can be done, let me check.

I am usually in favor of everything being open. What are the topics that you do not want to be seen? Or just to create a safer space?

Totally doable.