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All is in Polish, but modern technology can hopefully deal with it :wink:
A blog about my homestead:

My YouTube channel:

My (mostly) permaculture website:

This is a link to my online seed shop, which has occasional posts about my breeding work, including landraces. And my Facebook and Instagram links where i post brief updates about progress on breeding and other stuff that catches my interest in the garden.


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Here’s my channel where I document my landrace grows in Zone 6B, Kentucky, USA. I’m focused on shifting my genetics to accommodate Fukuoka-style broadcast sowing, minimal or no irrigation, and selection for good flavor and nutrition. I grow everything on about 1/8 of an acre in my backyard, so there’s a lot of crowding, shading, and cross-pollination. I’ll be setting up a small online seed shop later this winter as well, focused on landraces and grexes.

My garden, living-in-the-north, farm/smallholding, and related stuff blog is at . It has a ton of my gardening stuff in it but kind of seasonally.

My instagram is @greendeshong and has lots of garden and some farm animal and some food pics, especially seasonally.

Food Forest Folderol on YT. Food Forest Folderol - YouTube

I have a podcast in Spanish about all things regenerative. So if you understand Spanish or know someone who does, have a listen!

Incidentally, I would love to record an episode about landrace gardening :slight_smile:

Thank you for the invitation to post about this! I sell native North American arundinaria gigantea bamboo, crafts, and sometimes other plants via my shop on ebay: markwkidd on eBay

I also sell bamboo via Paul Wheaton’s site permies.