2 great offers for loads of genetic diversity of wheat in your place

Hi, here you will find two fantastic grexes under the spell “cover crops”:

  • triticum turgidum. Poulard wheat. 200 varieties. Most of them from Spain. Blés poulards «INIA» - 100 g
  • triticum spelta. Spelt (or dinkel wheat, or hummed wheat). A mix of many different populations[.](Épeautre - 300 g
    I am in contact with the creators, who edit a nice podcast in French, about “agricultural biodiversity”, mainly focused on seeds. They are near Brittany.
    Link: Cultivez la biodiversité ! | Ausha

Oh, they look nice, thanks for sharing, I will look at it.

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I like that spelt one. My cattle ranging neighbor said that cleans the cow’s intestines out.
He’s preparing a field to seed the Evolutionairy Population wheat you’ve send me. He says we can do that till december. What do you think Thomas? Is there still time this year or should i seed my rye seeds flatten those in spring time and then seed EP wheat into that?
I’d prefer this year. Because it’s a really dry and poor bit of land there, i’d like the EP wheat to have rooted already over winter, so growth can be robust and people start talking.

Got more recommendations of grexes for that page, or other crops?

Hello Hugo, yes you are right about that: sow it as soon as you can, but it would be okay in a month time… but not in the spring thought.
That EP will adapt to what you do… I dit it yesterday on a 150 square meter plot, which makes a seed rate of 300kg/ha, quitz high actually

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No those were the two I bought. You have both in 300gr. I bought three of each and sow them yesterday like the wheat EP… Shipping was fast

Processing: 20231031_173541.jpg…

Thomas do you do something with lunar full moon seeding?
I’ve ordered 3 packages spelt.
Richard did you make it through the French website or shall i sens you one of my package?

I made it. Got 2 packages and some colour corn.


Hi Hugo, I don’t know much about moon, stars, and seeding… I sow on the 31th of october the FURAT EP and the 4 to 5 populations of wheat, oats, rye, and yesterday 2 november and today the 3rd my cereal collection…
I would have prefered to sow it one month before, because it usually when I (and friends) sow our cover crops + I had to till the land… So the natural selection won’t perfectly fit my usual conditions. Anyway it is still my land (granitic, acidic, sandy), still my climate, and I will get plenty of seeds to share and reselect in usual conditions :slight_smile:
If you know one thing or two about moon seeding I will happy to learn :slight_smile:

Nothing! Just that despite my sceptisism seeds defo germinate better around full moon. I dont even know if that’s supposed to happen. But if i have few seeds i tend to wait for a week before and go for it.

My neighbour always talk about the moon phases or planting on specific saint day.

Maybe through the ages those crops are adapted to the moon phases and are more predisposed to germinate, flower or harvest in those specific times.

Haha my neighbor too. Hé claims the old used to harvest buildingwood at such and such moon and says the rafters stayed in good condition double the time. But then still they managed to harvest some at the wrong time.
Totally possible the selection went moon way. Although? If all seeds pop up at once… Can’t get my head around it.
Anybody out there can maybe? If so we’ll have to split the topic.

Hehe, same here, the buildingwood will rot if not harvest on the specific day. Or the fruits trees will make fruit on the first year if planted correctly.

Maybe the light of the moon helps with the small seedlings, but planted on the full moon do not make sense, probably is better to plant before the full moon, and got more light on the night.

Other theory of mine is because of the weather, if planted in that range, the seeds will get enough day light and rain, so we got back to the local adaptation of those seeds.

In terms of buildingwood, maybe the reproductive cicle of fungal infection is affected and we can get away without roting.

At least my neighbour tested it with opuntia ficus-indica trees. Planted with full moon, flower the first year, planted without moon, no flower. Maybe there is something behind or not.

I received the package today. Probably this weekend will be time to plant.

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How is the wheat going? I think mine did not make it, I have not seen any plants sprouting. Just a lot of flock of birds lurking…

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He is doing good here, the other to a friend’s place doing good too

Much better with triticum spelta than with the other though

I didn’t get around planting mine. Next year better.