2024 Spinach

New year new thread. Spinach from going to seed was planted yesterday. The weather is favorable for spinach and I had some time and space available prior to a few days of rain. I intersowed this years mix with some of the seed dusting from my saved seed last year. I unfortunately spilled it after cleaning it generally into the floor mat. I tried some cleaning methods but it still wasn’t completely clean.

One thing I look forward to is whether there is a difference in survival between saved seed and the G2S mix. Last year only 5 plants survived to produce seed from a thirty foot row. I also block planted the spinach this year, perhaps this will promote cross pollination?

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The spinach has all started bolting. The red-stemmed plants were generally the earliest bolters, so I removed some of them, but you can see some still in the picture. In this bed the shorter plant on the back right is Good King Henry.

Another bed w/ GTS spinach.
This year I planted the GTS spinach seed, and also a couple other heirloom spinach varieties.
Generally, the GTS was much more vigorous and had milder flavor than the other varieties, so I think I prefer the GTS spinach.