Are there lists of varieties of cloned crops that make seeds?

Are there any lists we’re aware of (whether database, blog post, or buried forum thread) of cultivars of typically cloned crops that can or typically do make seed? This seems like it would be useful when sourcing germplasm as it’s typically easier to get the cloned crop itself rather than the seed.

I ask because I’ve got a half bag of locally grown and delicious Adirondack Red that I bought a little far along. The taters we didn’t manage to eat are well past eating now but growing vigorously inside a paper bag :thinking:

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That front one actually looks like a white-fleshed variety, but the rest should be reds

I don’t know of any lists, but I know Cultivariable is a good source for seeds:

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@H.B I’ve searched for such a list without success. Rebsie Fairholm in her lovely book, The Lost Art of Potato Breeding, does mention a few spuds known to either set seed or produce viable pollen, but only a few. If you are in the US then as mentioned above Cultivariable is a good source of TPS. You might also try Tater Mater Seeds (Tom Wagner).

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@UnicornEmily @RayS
Thank y’all! I looked for the variety on cultivariable and didn’t see it. Not sure what varieties it might be descended from though I know it’s a relatively recent (2004) cultivar. I might check the book if I can get hold of it. I think I’ll try to have a go at getting it to set seed, should be pretty straightforward if I’m thinking about it right

Good idea, just plant it and see what happens :slight_smile: But if you’re looking for red flesh color in a variety that is known to make seeds, I recommend 1000% Loowit : TPS, Loowit, 100 true seeds - Cultivariable
It was a great producer for TPS, shorter season than the others, lovely colors, pretty stable (all plants had excellent yield, early, varying shades of pink and dark pink.)

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There is a list…

Awesome, thanks @KadenceLunemann!

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Based on, a good starting list of species would be:
Banana, Potato, Cassava, Sweet Potato, Yam, Achira, Ahipa, Arracacha, Maca, Mashua, Mauka, Oca, Ulluco, Yacón

We also of course can count garlic.

As for specific varieties, that’s going to take much more investigation. RTB has resources that would likely help in many cases.