Calling Canadians

Hello fellow Canadians. I’m new here and hoping there will be a Canadian seed swap. I wouldn’t want to miss it!


Hey, Canadians! Who’s around here and wants to swap seeds with each other? :smiley:

I started the US Serendipity Seed Swap, and there’s one in Europe now, too. I imagine it would be wonderful for you Canadians to have your own!


I’m Canadian, but sadly not living in Canada so wouldn’t be able to participate in a swap. I hope you find some people though!

Count me in if we get one going!

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In Europe Malte started, some folk send him seeds, which he added and off the package went. Growing and growing in size all along. It’s the single best thing can happen to Canadian growers.

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Yes it is really really amazing and gives a lot more sense and content to our interractions on this forum. And this will even expand during this growing season as we will see each other seeds growings in each other garden. Thanks @UnicornEmily for this super initiative!

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Hey, Nicole, do you want to start one? :smiley:

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Well I would love to but don’t know how

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Well, of course the first step is to find other Canadians who want to receive it! (Chuckle.)

Other than that, feel free to copy anything you like from the US and EU versions.

When I started the US version, I chose an appropriate box from among the many small ones I had sitting at home from buying stuff online, and put in about twenty things. Two other people generously donated some extra stuff to go in, so I included their seeds, too. Ever since then, I’ve just followed the rules on the first post. (With occasional tweaks to the rules, such as making sure to clarify that it was US only, and adding a rule that the box should be sent on within two weeks of receiving it.)

Maintenance is pretty simple – usually I just add people to the bottom of list, remove people who have already received it from the top of the list, and answer questions. Occasionally a situation arises where I need to get in contact with someone who’s held on to the box too long, and that requires a bit of gentleness and tact. But that only comes up every so often.

If you want to start one in Canada, you will be welcome to use any or all of my ideas, or organize things totally differently. You can use the same name, like the EU version did, or choose your own name. Whatever you prefer! If you start it, you can structure things in any way that makes sense. :slight_smile:

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Ok I will thanks!

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A place to search for fellow Canadians could be the tag ‘Canada’ Topics tagged canada (a good reminder to tag your posts so they’re more easily searched for later)

Hello from Southwestern Ontario!

I’d be happy to participate in a Canadian seed swap :slight_smile:

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