Missoula Seed Swap Five Valleys Seed Library 2023

FVSL Seed Swap is March 25 2023 from 11-2 at the Missoula Public Library in Missoula Montana.

I haven’t noticed any other Montanans here yet but I keep hoping!


It would be a bit of a drive from where I’m at in Idaho, but we’ve been wanting to do a weekend trip to Montana.

It would be fun to have someone coming that I knew would be there. So often I go and it just isn’t very social. Though last year I met some folks who it turned out are part of the local group called Seedlings for Solidarity while I sat at a table and put some of my tomato seeds into envelopes. I should try to go to some of their meetings.

I’ll let you know as we get closer if it looks like I can come.

Sounds Good!

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One week for the 2024 swap. Next Saturday the 24th in the public library in Missoula.