Seed Exchange Potluck Coming Up in NY Catskills

Hello Beautiful Plant People,
:seedling: :ear_of_rice: :deciduous_tree: :tulip: :wilted_flower: :shamrock: :herb: :blossom: :tulip:

Iโ€™m getting ready to host my first annual seed exchange potluck and wondering if any of you are gardening in my area and would like to join. You can bring any extra seeds you may have and particularly those you have saved from your own garden. Anything from tiny herbaceous to giant trees! Edible, ornamental, medicinal, native, exotic, all are welcome!

Iโ€™ll have some seed packaging materials available so you can divide, pack and label on the spot. If you have no seeds to share, thatโ€™s cool, come and get some!

Iโ€™ll be making a giant amount of my famous black beans and rice. Plant based side dishes would be lovely if you the have time:)

Sunday March 24th Noon-5pm
(Snow date Sun March 31)

10 minutes from Fleischmanns

Please DM for address!

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