Potatoes that grow seeds in zone 3

I garden in NE Montana, zone 3, extremely hot and windy in summer and extremely cold in winter and dry most of the time. I am looking some potato varieties that will produce berries so I can collect seeds from them. Drought resistant short day potatoes is needed.
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I believe you mean long day. In root crops short day means they don’t make tubers or fill out bulb until the days shorten (September for me) which leaves little to no time for them to grow.
So you want long day varieties (will make tubers even during long summer days).

I don’t have variety suggestions. I got a bunch of different seeds from Cultivariable.com and am good to grow them out and select for what does best and go from there.


@parmbrister i got some potato seeds from going to seed and will be trying them out in vermont, zone 3b. I would like to follow this thread and see what you find. I will also share what happens for me!

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Roughly 40% of the Going To Seed mix came from my garden right on the 3b/4a border (I started calling it 3b because we got down to -36F our first winter here but we didn’t break -30 the last two) but we’re not normally a hot and dry location. Berry production was easy and abundant for me though they didn’t have time to mature and dry outside.


Thats great news! Thanks for giving me such a great starting point!