The 1 million dollar question

100% clickbait. This was a honey pot. You fell into it.

… kidding :wink:

I watered my transplants an hour ago for about 10 minutes… with sprinklers in my greenhouse. Then I came back an hour later and what strucked me is the difference in foliage: some still covered with drops, others perfectly dry.

The most amazing to me was seeing these vila-vila (also named sticky nightshade, red-buffalo-bur, fire-and-ice plant, litchi tomato, morelle de balbis…)

… right next to macas:

Some of my neighbour’s beans were dry too

Eggplants, Tomatoes, Peppers, Physalis pruinosa, TPS and others were not…

Any idea why?

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Might be because they wouldn’t have needed watering as much as the others. Plants take up water also through their leaves, but if there is excess of it, it probably doesn’t work anymore or as easily/fast.

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