The Goingtoseed wishlist thread

This thread is for posting ideas! What would you like to see tried or added?
To the forum? How can we get more interaction or make people more comfortable using the forum?
To the seed gathering and dispersal system? Where can we make improvements?
Other ideas that you think could be relevant to Goingtoseed.
If you see something that you would like to volunteer to help with please quote the relevant post and respond with it over in the wishlist fulfillment thread- The Goingtoseed wishlist fulfillment thread


On the forum, I’d like some easy way of pulling out members from Australia so I could make more direct seed offers for example. This assumes of course that they actually look at the forum from time to time.
Anyway, just a thought.

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When I type Australia in the search bar the drop down shows members who have Australia as their location. Is that what you mean?

I hadn’t thought of doing that. There are at least three that don’t show up. I guess they didn’t mention Australia in their profile.
Anyway, it’s a start. Thanks.

I just checked one of those that didn’t show up and they do have the word Australia in their profile so for some reason that search is not picking everyone up.

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Did any of the seed stewards have issues with gathering seeds? Is that process going smoothly for them?

Would it make sense to create Groups of regions (US, UK, Euro, Asia, Australia, etc)? Or more specifically NE-US, SE-Asia, etc.

Perhaps a section for each region under the resource tab?

I was thinking as a badge next to people’s names (similar to Community Builder) so they could see at a glance where the other person was generally located. Some conversations I’m reading I have a hard time remembering the location of the people discussing their grow locations. Would be handy to see it easily. Similar idea to what Ray was asking for above. The Group would be in the back end, not a front end thing.


Hmm I’m on my phone so not sure how it looks otherwise. But for me if I tap the person postings name it has a pop up of the profile. I can tap away from it and still be where I was in the thread. So we just need something like this in the other views that aren’t the mobile version I guess. If I switch to the non mobile version it still is showing the pop up. Are people not seeing this? And can you let us know what device you’re viewing from.

Like this:

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Thank you @KadenceLunemann!
I have so many wishes on my wishlist. I’ll start with one that we talked about during the Happy Hour. This crop wiki project. Share your knowledge: Contribute to the "Crop Wiki" project!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a basic growing guide, Adaptation Gardening style, for all the crops you can think of, but especially the ones in offered in the GTS seed project? Basic stuff for new seed savers (or just new- to it) like at-a-glance outcrossing rates, what’s in the species/what crosses, considerations (like sweet corn not including super sweet genes and how I figure that out on the seed packet). And recipes. Photos. Even center of origin/history of the species domestication (replace the heirloom story).

It’s a big project, and we can turn it into our open source book. But first of all, let me know how can we adjust the contribution process to motivate peope— what would make you want to contribute? @ercgrat has done a great job getting started and now we need you to make it happen! And @markwkidd especially need your wiki expertise. We could use the wiki function here on Discourse pages to let people/edit correct/update…



I update my profile adding my region. Maybe when people register we need to put a setting of the region. They can select for example from: Africa, Asia, Europe, north america, south america, Oceania.


I want to know more of the process. They keep any record of the seeds received and send? Maybe the email/phone/name to be able to contact them later? Have a remainder to send them some encouragement for saving seeds to share next year. A list of the top contributors. A thank you email for contribute to this project?

Also related. A list of the “preorders” or varieties that people want to get more. Some surveys for sending seeds and receiving seeds. You can add those questions in that moment. And then you save all the information.

In my context. I want to do something similar but in Europe. We got the Serendipity, but we can expand on it, and make more things. For now I do 1to1 seeds swaps.


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As yesterday I relistened to the first podcast I heard featuring Joseph (Podcast #6: Joseph Lofthouse - Cultivariable) it made me think that what I love - out of the surprisingly creative process that is liberated thanks to Joseph’s approach-, it is the collaborative approach, a network of friends who collaborate on plant breeding. The part from 1’00’35" is partially dedicated to the “how”, and discussion goes around this collaborative aspect. Bill Whitson is amazed by that. And @Joseph_Lofthouse thank you :slight_smile:
Even if I did not remember precisely this then, it is more or less why I recently suggested community calls. To fill a gap between people, stuck behind their screens, with the usual high level of interpretation we can all have, and which does not help creating a friendship feeling within a diversity of people. If we met each other in person, and even more if we collaborated on breeding projects, I am quite sure friendship would come along easily, even if we come from different standpoints, have different language mastery, etc….
So, my wishlist of things i believe neccessary and cannot be prescribed :

  • community calls, more and more, without necessarily a firm driving leadership but more the will to share what we are up to, as I believe it is the best way to meet each other, so to say create some friendship along the way. Pragmatically, that would accelerate our respective projects, and surely initiate new communautary ones.
  • links to podcast. I think it is kind of “strange” we don’t link to the forum those podcasts nor discuss them here. Kind of disconnection. 18 great podcasts and we barely never even talked about them. Thanks @jens for your recent idea (Going To Seed Zoom Podcast with Joseph, Holly, and Shane - #11 by jens), which I support.
  • same story with online courses, even if they have their own commentary sections.
  • I believe there is also a need to do regional community calls. In Europe, as I believe we are even more priming up things than in the US, it would be great if people find ways to gather and meet each other, so to say help each other, share networks, share seeds, infos, more easily. Community call would be perfect.

On a personal level, I decided to stop talking strictly about agronomy on this forum, as I see there is this tendency (may be just personal) to identify with this or that, or identify the other with this or that… being “permaculture”, compost, cover crop, or whatever… to all kinds of specialities, with their possible mind rigidity, and with very different level of expertise, and of experience, etc… whereas the focal point around which we can gather is plant breeding, in a modern landrace style. Yes, talking compost or this or that in relation with plant breeding, why not, but not in essence, or without expanding too much on it. Personnally, hat has been energy dispersal for me, of not much use eventually, which is perfectly normal, as we are not gathering around this.

So kind of refocusing on basics : “how can we help each other in our respective breeding projects”, first. Then comnunity calls first. + some regionals. Then the community-friendship feeling will come along and improve naturally.


These bullet points are excellent, I relate to what you are saying.

:sweat_smile: I had no idea I could do that on my phone! That works, thank you!

That sounds incredible. I’ll go look it over after work. Yes!

Also seconding what Richard said, “create a generic list of the parameters.” When I input info for my own plant tracking, I have a set form of information I fill out (ideally) for each plant. This would be helpful to standardize for new (and old) gardeners to look at.

Same. I’m not entirely sure how it works. It would be nice to see a workflow (I’m a visual person lol) of what the process looks like.

I agree. I would love to see those of us with the time and interest self-organize into small teams of growers who have similar goals. I have seen small self-organizing teams prove extremely effective in other settings

Not surprised about that. Informaly that is what is happening already : sending my runner beans to Cathy (Sweden), me and her sending teparys to Richard (Spain), her sending us melons etc… for seed increase first, in easy environment, then redistributing for local adaptations. That ease and accelerates the process and helps us not focusing on too many things… as each of us cannot have thousands of breeding projects. Too time and energy consuming. And for most of us, it is a matter of garden dimensions too. Even me having barely unlimited space and being on a sabbatical year, I cannot work on all projects I want.
Just a small example at this stage.