Trading scions and cuttings, USA

Hi, guys! Since it’s March, it’s the perfect time to swap cuttings and scions with one another. Does anyone have neat things they’re interested in offering up for trade?

I can take cuttings from any of the following trees:
Anna apple
Ein Shemer apple
Apple rootstock
Hood pear
Ruby Sweet plum
Elberta peach (this tree is awake and about to bloom)

The apple rootstock cuttings are from suckers at the base of my neighbor’s tree. It’s well established, very healthy, and has been bearing lots of fruit when barely watered (in our arid climate) for decades. Most likely it’s the most popular rootstock, M111; if not, it’s probably something else good. Since it’s a rootstock, it has probably been selected for being able to root easily from cuttings.

If you want an Anna or Ein Shemer scion grafted on top of an apple rootstock cutting and don’t know how to graft, I’d be willing to do that before you before I send. (I’m a beginner at grafting, but so far, the grafts I have made look good.)


I have some scion for grafting

Pear: Shinseki, Yoinashi, Magness

Cherry: Stella, Lapins, Rainer

Will trade for disease resistant apple and pear.

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Here’s some we’ve got along with grafting candidates I know or suspect are viable. All hardy to usda zone 6 or below. I’m not sure how many packages we can send out, but I suspect there won’t be as much interest as I fret their might be

Most likely wanted as rootstock:
Black cherry (tree, prunus)
Nanking cherry (vigorous shrub, prunus)
Black walnut (tree, black and Persian walnuts, heartnuts, and butternuts)
Lilac (shrub)
English Holly (shrub, Yaupon Holly)
Rose of Sharon (vigorous aggressive shrub, swamp rose Mallow, desert globe mallow, other Malvaceae)
European hackberry (tree, Cannabaceae)
Hackberry (tree, Cannabaceae)
Fothergilla (shrub, Hamamelidaceae)

Most likely wanted as scions:
Elderberry (American, varieties unknown but includes Adams)
Sugar Maple
Female Mulberry (Red Mulberry? Sweet purple fruits)

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Hackberry is often said to be a tasty fruit/nut, and is often recommended by foragers. I shouldn’t grow one because I’m allergic to tree nuts, which means I’m likely allergic to those. But that may be a nice, tasty berry/nut for someone who likes to eat both.

I’m assuming the black cherry is Prunus serotina, not the variety of Prunus avium that is called “black cherry” in grocery stores? (Latin names are so useful for preventing confusion! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

It occurs to me that I should probably mention I have lavender bushes I can take cuttings from, too.

Either serotina/black cherry or virginiana/chokecherry. I get them confused. I’ll see what my app thinks and update the listing if it has a high degree of confidence in the other direction