Post about your cuttings / suckers / roots to swap here! (anything used for cloning)

Post about what you have available to share here! Anything that’s used for propagating clones can go in this thread – cuttings, suckers, roots, whatever!

Here’s what I have and can share this year:

  • Walking onion bulbils.
  • Lavender cuttings.
  • Chocolate mint cuttings.
  • Brown Turkey fig cutting.
  • Bearded iris bulbs.
  • Star of Bethlehem bulbs. They’re beautiful white flowers with a lovely scent, but they’re inedible, and they seem to spread like crazy, so only plant them if you’re okay with them ending up all over your lawn.

I also have seeds to trade, of course.

If I have something you want, feel free to PM me!