Setting default tracking for a newly read topic to untracked

I’ve noticed that when I read a newly created topic it defaults to ‘Tracking’. Much of the time I don’t want to track the thread so I have to set it to ‘Normal’. Is there a way to set ‘Normal’ as the default?

I’m learning Discourse too and will defer to others in the know, but it looks like tracking behavior is adjustable through your user preferences.

The language about tracking after “entering” a topic leaves room for confusion. It’s also interesting to me that “never” doesn’t seem to be one of the options. But I might try adjusting this setting, or any other one that looks promising in this section.

I have a “never” option available in my drop down, and that’s what I have that field set to. It’s the first one in the list for me.

I visit from a desktop, not a mobile device, so there’s a chance that’s the difference.

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I don’t know why I didn’t think to look in preferences. Thanks. Like Joshua above, I found Never in the first slot. I use an iPad.

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