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I’m getting like 10 emails a day notifying me of site activity that mostly doesn’t pertain to me. That is my one criticism. I don’t need those emails because I get the notifications here as well. Though I could see how that helps keep people engaged.

It took a few days but I feel like I am able to find my way around pretty easily now. Enjoying it very much. Thank you.

At the bottom of the thread is a dropdown menu button with a bell icon. If that button shows either Watching or Tracking I think you get email notifications. If I don’t want them I set this to Normal so that I only get notified if my @ name is used or someone replies directly to a post I have made in that thread.


I hear you! I’m very sensitive to the volume of emails I get, and I’m ruthless about eliminating useless emails coming into my inbox. It did take me a little while to get the email flow from this site to what I consider a reasonable level.

Adjusting the settings under Preferences / Tracking helps. I have “Automatically track topics I enter” set to never and “When I post in a topic, set that topic to” set to normal. I remember having to go a number of threads and manually untracking them too.

Also, I don’t remember whether or not Activity Summary under Preferences / Email was checked by default, but I have it off now.


Another thing you can do is choose to get a daily, weekly, monthly or never, email summary.
To to your profile, preferences, emails… , it looks like this:

And then you can select how often you want it

I thought it asked people right off the bat! I hope the constant emails isn’t an issue for everybody, unfortunately I can’t exactly choose the preferences for everybody.

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